Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fighting the ISK war...

There are many different ways to decide the outcome of an engagement in Eve, whether it's by forcing your enemies to retreat, utterly annihilating them, undermining their morale, or countless other iterations in this sandbox.

One of the major objectives of any sort of group PVP in Eve, is the "ISK war."  It's what, to the average pilot, determines who has won or lost a fleet battle, even the outcome of a war.   Kill mails perpetuate this, due to the listing of prices of modules and ships on the various kill boards, and so it has become the standard measurement for whether or not you're "winning" at PVP.

Sometimes, you can "win" the fight, even if you have lost more ships then your opponent, by choosing your targets wisely.  One such occasion happened about two months ago.

It started out with a report coming in from a scout in our system, of a Loki sitting on a wormhole, uncloaked, with scan probes deployed.  So I of course, warp to the wormhole at range to investigate.  I landed about 30km off the wormhole, and as soon as I was out of warp, the Loki cloaks up.

Well that's good news, means that he is probably going to engage me.  So I start slow boating over to the wormhole with my Hurricane, while a fleet gathers at the POS.  I am trying to get him to uncloak and engage me off the wormhole, so he cannot jump back out, and escape.  

I made it to about 20km off the wormhole, and he appears right on top of me, points and webs me, and we start chewing away at each other.  He is shield fit, and I am hitting half armor as he reaches peak recharge on his shields, when I hear the wormhole activate three times in rapid succession.   I call for our fleet to warp in, at 0 on the wormhole, and call the Loki primary.  By the time my fleet lands on grid, I am starting to bleed into structure, and shortly after, my hurricane pops.

I tell the fleet to stay on the Loki, as he had less then 20% shields remaining.  I warp my pod out, and reship into a Myrmidon at my POS, and land just in time to see him explode.

At this point his buddies have uncloaked on the wormhole, and engaged our fleet.  The hostile force consisted of a Tengu, a second Loki, a Myrmidon, and a Hurricane.   Our fleet was two Hurricanes, a Prophecy, my Myrmidon, and a Falcon.  I called for the Falcon to jam the Tengu and second Loki, and called the hostile Myrmidon as the primary target, since he was farthest from the wormhole.  We then lost two more hurricanes in rapid succession to their withering DPS.

At least they managed to get their pods out.  They head back to their POS and reship, and rejoin the fight.

Our Falcon pilot calls that he has both the hostile T3's jammed and we are starting to chew through the Myrmidons armor.  He seems to have a lot of armor, but finally, he explodes.

Followed shortly by his pod.

At this point the remaining hostile fleet jumps out the wormhole, and disappears.  We loot the field, and post eyes on the wormhole, while we assess our losses.  We are feeling a little dejected about losing three ships to take down two, until we see the battle report for the enagement.

Heck, I will make that trade any day.

Later on that night, the Loki pilot tried to sneak back into our system with a scanner, which one of our scouts promptly popped,

and podded.

I don't think we will be seeing them around anytime soon.

This is just one of many cases, where even though we lost more ships then our enemies, we still came out on top in the "ISK war".  We considered it a win, not only because we destroyed more isk then we lost, but also because we kept control of the wormhole, and forced the hostile fleet from the battlefield.

I would love to hear some of your stories where you fought and lost, but still came out ahead on the kill boards.  Please post them in the comments section below.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wormhole World War!

Well, things have finally calmed down a bit for us, so I have some time to do this post.  I have a lot of ground to cover, so this is going to be a long one.  As I said before, this has been a very busy week for us.  On top of the war dec we have active from Cosa Nostra., we've had continued action verus Brotherhood of Starbridge, a Russian wormhole alliance. 

To understand the whole story behind what's going on, I have to give you a bit of history about Starbridge and the Narwhals.

Our alliance and theirs have fought in the past, most recently, we declared war on them after they had reinforced a POS in one of our alliance members system.   During the war, Cosa Nostra. declared war on us as well, and there were several engagements.  During the course of the fighting, we completely destroyed two Starbridge controlled wormholes, and attacked a third, causing them to self destruct several billion isk worth of ships. (That's another story for when it's slow.)  They managed to reinforce a single POS, belonging to an alliance member corp, before we routed them from the system.

Fast forward to two weeks later,  we get the call that Starbridge and their allies have invaded one of our allies, Aquila Inc.  They have several dreads, and a 150+ gang of RR Drakes, Tengus, Logi, ECM, Command ships, and assorted others, in the system and they have started seiging a POS.  Now, the guys from Aquila are not people you want to mess with on their own, but they just didn't have the numbers to repel an invasion of this size. 

So, we rallied the troops, and put the call out to all of our allies, and friends, as well as some former enemies, and gathered a 150 person fleet of our own, consisting of Apeture Harmonics, Talocan United, Narwhals Ate my Duck, Transmission Lost, and various other wormhole corps and alliances.   We formed up and waited in high sec for an entrance into the wormhole.  

The folks from Aquila who were there fighting for their home did an amazing job, fighting outnumbered better then 4 to 1, and managed to take control of their static several times throughout the day, but were unable to keep control of it long enough for us to move the fleet in.

Below are the related kills from the Aquila forces who fought throughout the day to keep their home.

Damn, I am glad they are on our side.

The Aquila home system is a class 5 wormhole, so they had to scan a route out through several other systems, and Starbridge was collapsing, or mass reducing the wormhole, every time they took control of it. Which meant the Aquila scanners were in constant danger of getting trapped out, every time they tried to find us a way in.

While the battle is ongoing, our shrinking fleet is sitting docked up in a central high sec location, not really doing much, and starting to lose members to AFK, boredom, and time.  Knowing we need to keep the momentum up, or risk losing most of our fleet, I started asking around, trying to find if anyone had an alt logged off in a Starbridge controlled wormhole.  One of the guys in fleet chimes in, that he has an alt in a Starbridge class 2, with a barely defended POS.


I ask him to scan us a way into the system, and luckily it's very close. I order the fleet to make best speed over there,  and we form up in system, and head into their system.  

Well, lightly defended is one way of describing this POS,  it had a total of three batteries on it, which our 120+ person fleet made quick work of.  While we waited for news on an entrance to the Aquila system, we reinforced their POS, which to our suprise, only had 15 hours of Strontium in it. 

After the fleet finished beating down their POS, there was some discussion on whether the fleet should head to another Starbridge system, and continue our offensive, or go back to our staging area, and wait for word from Aquila.   It was decided that we would go back to the rally point, and wait, for an entrance, as it was getting very late over in Russia, and reports were coming in that hostile fleet numbers were dwindling. 

Aquila strikes a massive blow to Starbridge when they catch their Orca, with THREE large Amarr towers in it!  Now they will have a harder time reinforcing, as well as popping wormholes.  Personally, I think this was the turning point in the battle for control of the system.

Back to the waiting game...

About forty minutes later, I finally get the report that Aquila has taken control of their static wormhole, and has found a null sec connection.  I plug it into my autopilot, and it's nearly 40 jumps away, deep in null. Shit, too far away.  Aquila begins collapsing the null wormhole, trying to get closer, when Starbridge manages to take back the static, and collapses it.

After another thirty minutes or so of back and forth, the fleet is starting to get antsy, when Aquila announces they have regained control, and connected to Firebird Squadron's home wormhole.   I am on good terms with the folks from FBS, so I quickly convo'd one of them, and asked them if they could find us a route in.

More waiting...

Finally, we get a report that we have a lowsec entrance to the chain that will get us into the Aquila system, and it's only 14 jumps away!  I order the fleet to make best speed to that system, and dock in top station, while we get bookmarks copied.    Once the majority of the fleet is there,  we move through the chain quickly and jumped into the Aquila system.  It looked like someone had kicked a wasps nest and an angry swarm of 100+ T3's came boiling out. 

We quickly got bookmarks to the various POS in the system, and setup a camp on the wormhole, while the majority of the fleet began the assault on the Starbridge tower.  After reinforcing and rape caging the tower, we waited for them to log in, and hopefully put up a fight.

Throughout the night, we have people watching the hostile tower constantly, killing off anyone who tried to escape, and keeping track of the folks who were stuck in the POS or AFK.    At some point, one of the people in our fleet figured out the password for the enemy shields, and I have heard conflicting stories about how this was done, but the results were the same either way.

We proceeded to bump the afk members of their fleet out of the POS and destroy them.

They are gonna be pissed when they wake up.

Some more time passes, and the fleet continues to kill stragglers that log in, until our numbers wane just before downtime.  At which point the invaders log in en masse, and beeline through our skeleton crew guarding the wormhole, and make it out with about half their fleet.

After downtime, the EU timezone takes over guarding the system, gets a few more kills, and finishes off the pos.

Though they are still getting kills today as Starbridge and friends are logging back into the Aquila system, and I doubt this is the last we will hear from Brotherhood of Starbridge.

Overall battle report below.

I would call that a definate win for us!

EDIT:  The Aquila guys did a write up from their side of the fight over at FHC.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy week! Part 1

It has been a busy couple of days in-game, lots going on out in w-space!  Let me start out by saying that we had war declared on us by Cosa Nostra. alliance, who we had fought against during our recent campaign versus Brotherhood of Starbridge.   They are a high sec war dec alliance, because we live and work in w-space, they are effectively no threat to our day to day operations.

So the other night, I am spinning around my POS, and I decide to try and get a fleet to go hunt down some of these war targets, and ask people to start forming up near Amarr.  On my way over there, I jump into Kamio where there's a war target Stiletto, on the gate.

Well crap, there's no way I can warp off before he points me, so I decide to burn back to the gate, try to overheat my MWD, only to realize I am scrammed.


By this time, a hostile Huginn, Cerberus, and Tengu, had landed on the gate, I was really in trouble in my Hurricane.  I start shooting at the Stiletto, hoping to pop him to regain use of my MWD and escape, got a lucky shot off with my 425mm Autocannon's and boom.

I activated my overheated MWD, aligned to a celestial, and proceeded to die in a fiery explosion.

Oh well, I got my pod out, and headed over to Amarr.  I had to refit for this WT hunt, and now I knew where they were!  So I fit up another Hurricane, and waited for the fleet to assemble.   There were probably 10-12 of us in fleet, just waiting for people to get there, when someone says on comms, "We have a Nidhoggur tackled on a HS wormhole!"

Well now...  I have never gotten a carrier kill before.

The fleet decides to head over there, and we form up on the wormhole and jump in, and the Nidhoggur is still there!  We get more points on him, and start draining his cap.  We are calling for more DPS, and backup, when we notice a Chimera on D-Scan, that wasn't there a few minutes ago.   About a minute later, he lands on grid with us and starts energy transferring to the Nidhoggur.

We decide the Chimera is the bigger threat so we switch our DPS and neuts over to him.  We have more and more people arriving by the minute, as word is spread that we have two carriers tackled on a high sec wormhole. Both carriers occasionally launch fighters, but they were called primary, and popped quickly, forcing the carriers to recall them.  The Chimera is melting pretty fast under our DPS, and when he hits about 15% structure, he self destructs.

Boooooooo!!!!!!!!!!  Though someone did manage to catch the pod.

Well, at least we still have the Nidhoggur!  We move over to him and start shooting at him, he goes down pretty quickly and without a fight, having logged off at about half armor.  He exploded, and there was much rejoicing.

Then we scanned down his pod.

After we looted the field, we headed back out to look for some war targets, but they had all either docked up or logged.  So we called it a night and I went back to the wormhole, killed some sleepers, and logged for the night.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tales of Yarr!

So I have been known to go pirating occasionally, and sometimes I get good fights, others I get blown up in new and sometimes hilarious ways.

This is not one of those stories.

This one goes back a little ways, I had just finished training Heavy Assault Cruisers IV, and finally gotten into a Vagabond, and I had been anxious to give it a try in a real fight.  Unfortunately, no such opportunity presented itself.

So, I decided to go can flipping with my brand new Vagabond.  I swapped out the Energy Neutralizer, for a Tech II Cloaking Device, and headed out to high sec.

I jump out, and check my D-Scan, see a couple of Hulk's, and decide to look around.  Warp to the first belt,  and there's a guy mining in a Hulk here, but no jet can. So I hopped around the belts a bit, but none of the people out there seemed to be mining into a can.

Well then... Onward to the next system!

I jumped into Freatlidur, and warped to a central planet to D-Scan.  I saw quite a few Hulks out there, but only a couple of jet cans.

Alright, looks promising so far...

I land in a belt, with a Hulk mining into a jet can about 60km off.  I burn over towards him with my MWD.  Jeez the Vagabond is fast, covered the 60km in several seconds as I approached the can.  I quickly dropped my own can and scooped his minerals over to it.  The Hulk immediately warped off.

So I started burning away from the can, and hit my cloak when I got to about 20km off.  Aligned my ship to the can, and waited patiently.  After about five minutes, I started to get bored of sitting there, and wanted to go find some other less invisible target, but I stayed put.   Man, I am glad I did.  So fast forward to about 15 minutes later,  I know it was at least 15 minutes, my aggression timer had expired. I am just getting ready to take off, and in warps... An Orca!

He has my full attention now, as he lazily slow boats over to the jet can, and as he gets in transfer range, I decloak.  He grabs the can and starts to align, and I overheat my MWD and slam my brand new Vagabond right into the side of his Orca, I was spamming the target lock, waiting for the sensor recalbration timer to expire.

Those six seconds seemed to take forever, but finally I got him locked and pointed.

I hit my guns, and start orbiting him at 17km.  I am slowly burning my way through his shields, and he launches Hammerhead II's and sends them after me.  I manage to keep them off me for a while by pulsing my MWD, but I am starting to run dangerously low on cap, and his drones soon began making headway through my shields.

By this point he is at about three quarters armor, and I am just hitting my peak recharge on my shields.  I start wondering if I am going to be able to pull this off, and decide to try to ransom him and save myself the risk of losing the kill.  So I try to convo him, and I get the popup that he is "offline or unavailable". This fool tried to logoffski.  No ransom for him!  I bring my concentration back to the task at hand, overheat my guns, and try to get through this guys armor.   My shields are at about 10%, and they won't last much longer. He is just hitting 1/3 armor.

At this point, it could no longer be a solo kill, so I started calling for help in corp chat,  and two of my buddies jumped out and headed over.  I was starting to take armor damage, so I told them to hurry up!  The Orca is almost in structure and I am about half armor when they finally land on grid with us, and we finish him off in short order.

Awesome first kill for my brand new Vagabond.  After we post the mail, we notice that it was a double kill! He had a Muninn in his ship bay of the Orca.  Ouch.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun in Null Sec

We primarily operate out of wormhole space, but we have been known to venture into high, low, and null security space.   When we get a low or null sec connection to our home system, we usually stick our heads out, take a look around, sometimes it's the middle of nowhere, sometimes it's a station system in a null sec Sansha mission hub.

Most recently, we had a null sec connection, which did in fact connect to a station system in HM-UVD, in the Stain region.  I had just logged on, grabbed the bookmarks, and decided that I should go take a look around outside.   So, I jump out in my Cheetah and hit my d-scan...


Tengu, Tengu, Machariel, Drake, Tengu, Tengu, CNR, and assorted other ships, I quickly check my overview settings, and see that there's no force fields on d-scan.

I immediately start trying to gather people in corp chat, but it was a slow day for us, I managed to get one of my corp mates in his Legion to come and sit inside the wormhole, while I scanned down our target.  First hit was a Tengu, I scan him down, and warp to him cloaked at 50km, unfortunately, there was no one there but a bunch of rats.

Oh well, I start scanning down another ship, this time, a Drake fighting some battleship rats in a complex.  I warp to him at 50km, and start slow boating over to point range, calling for my buddy to warp in on me.   I decloak and get a point and web on him, he starts targeting me and opens fire I am about half armor when my corp mate lands, and I have to warp out, he gets point on the Drake, and kills him.

In the meantime, I have bounced from a celestial back to the scene of the fight, and manage to get there just in time to see his pod get squished.

Feeling pretty confident after killing the Drake, we decided to try for another kill.  In hindsight, it was probably not the best idea.  So I take off and start scanning down another ship, I scan down a Cerberus, and warp to him at 30km.  He is sitting off the station in system, about 50km from the undock.

Not really thinking about it, I call for the warp in, though the smell of bait is painfully obvious in retrospect.  I decloak and scramble him, and my corp mate lands on grid, starts shooting at this Cerberus, and it's taking a strangely small amount of damage from his Legion.   Then in warps a Rifter and a Harbinger, I call for the Legion to warp out, and I start burning out of point range of the Cerberus.  I overheated my MWD and still couldn't get away fast enough to escape, I got popped and lost my Cheetah, though I managed to get my pod out.

We headed back to the wormhole, and exchanged GF's in local, called it a night after that.

Fast Forward to Today!

So we had a pretty fun engagement today in our wormhole, it was a well prepared fleet.  They consisted of a Sacrilege, Scimitar, Vagabond, Vagabond, Drake, Rokh, and a Rapier.  Basically, our scout on the wormhole called an activation, and that there was a Rokh sitting on the inside of the wormhole.

So we formed up the fleet and got on teamspeak, started getting everything organized.  We noticed that the Rokh pilot had several corp and alliance mates in system.  We formed up with a Prophecy, Proteus, Loki, Drake, Hurricane.   After forming up at the pos, we warped in, and engaged the Rokh, got through his shields rather quickly, at which point, he jumped out.   Our scout on the other side, reported he warped off, and we continued forming up at the wormhole in case he returned.

At this point, we swapped out some of our fleet for high dps battleships, we dropped the Proteus, Loki, and Prophecy, for a Tempest, Typhoon, and Apocalypse.   We were hoping to be able to kill him before his session change timer expired if he came back in.   This is where stuff started to go wrong.  We had the Tempest and Typhoon, sitting at zero on the wormhole, and the Apocalypse sitting about 40km off the wormhole.

The Rokh jumped back in, followed by a Rapier, who immediately cloaked up, we engaged the Rokh, and he was going down fast.  He managed to make it back out the wormhole with less then half structure remaining, as he jumped out, our scout on the other side, called the other members of his fleet landing on the wormhole.  I called for the Apocalypse to try to make it to the wormhole to jump out, but at that moment, their fleet jumped in and the Rapier decloaked and webbed and pointed him, they called the Apocalypse primary, and he went down just out of jump range of the wormhole.

We started engaging the hostile fleet, I called the Scimitar primary, but our battleship sized weapons weren't able to hit him effectively.   The hostile fleet called our Tempest primary next, and he jumped out with low armor, and they then switched to my Typhoon.  I jumped out with about half my armor remaining, and we regrouped on the other side of the wormhole.   At this point, we are asking for people in alliance who are nearby to form up, but unfortunately, there was no one close.

So I decided to try to trap them in the wormhole, since we had yet to see a scanner on their side.  It would slow them down, and keep them there long enough, to hopefully rally a fleet and catch them.    The Tempest and I both went and repaired at a station, and then simultaneously jumped in with our 100mn MWD's active.

SUCCESS! (Sort of.)  The wormhole went critically disrupted on our jump in.  We held our session change cloak, and when our timer was up, we both jumped back out and slammed the door in their faces. Ideally we would have been on the other side of the wormhole when it closed, though being outnumbered as we were, it's probably for the best that we ended up where we did.

 At this point, we had our scout in the wormhole scanning for the new connection, which he found quickly, but it was  22 jumps away.   I call for the fleet that got trapped outside to make best speed to the new entrance and form up at a planet.  Unknown to me, this is where we lost the chance to avenge our BS loss.

As we are making our way over to the new entrance, our scout is scanning down their fleet and getting their safe spots, keeping an eye on dscan for hostile scanner probes.   The entire time, we were expecting one of them to scan down the new entrance and lead their fleet to safety, it turned out, none of them had probe launchers fitted.  While we are heading towards the wormhole, I am trying to rally people in our alliance, and in corp, and we get a decent sized fleet going, probably about ten or eleven ships, all heading for the rally system.  More people are logging in, in corp, and we are getting optimistic, "These guys don't have probes, we are going to kill them all!"

Pfft... yeah right.

So we make it to the rally system, and head into the wormhole, we have about six people sitting on the wormhole waiting for a warp disruptor bubble to online, and in jumps a neutral Helios.  We lock him up and are about to vaporize him, when the entire enemy fleet lands right on top of us, and jumps out to safety.   Turns out the helios was a neutral alt, who had followed one of the folks in our fleet from the old location to the new entrance, and scanned down the wormhole from the outside, jumped in, and gave the hostile fleet a warp in, to get out of the system.  GF's were exchanged, and some smack was talked, but it was a pretty fun engagement either way.

Next time though I am going to make sure we take the scenic route, to prevent us from being followed.

A little backstory...

Well, I figure that I should give you an idea of what I am about.   I enjoy shooting at stuff, mainly people, and their expensive or shiny internet spaceships.

You could say that I got the PvP bug as a relatively new character.    My first ever kill was while I was running a mission.  I had just bought my first hurricane, fitted and rigged it, all t1 of course, but I was excited to be able to fly such a badass looking ship. (It was a large part of the reason I picked Minmatar as my starting race.)

So anyhow, I am clearing the mission, and I get to the last room, and head towards the can with the mission objective in it, and in warps an Enyo assault frigate.  Now, me being a noob, just kept on killing those rats.  Meanwhile, he burned over, snagged the misson objective, and turns red to me.  After checking with the folks in Republic Military School, the Minmatar NPC corp, they assured me I could shoot at him if he was red to me.  So I locked him up and fired, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I honestly think he was pretty suprised.  Sadly, my mission objective was destroyed in the wreck, and I ended up failing that mission anyhow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

About Clann Fian

Public Channel: CLANN Fian Public

We follow a NBSI (not blue shoot it) ROE (Rules of Engagement) Eve Wide. If we decide to talk things out whatever deals we offer will be followed, but make sure you are talking to someone in corp who has the power to negotiate. If you are offered a deal or safe passage we will honor it. If you are blue to our corp or alliance we will not shoot, but do not come into our wspace systems uninvited or you are hostile blue or no.

In wspace: if you are in a system where we have a POS and you have not announced yourself, you are a hostile. If you are in a system without a POS you are a hostile. If we are in your system an early convo might save you some grief, and might not.

In early Ireland, fianna (singular fian) were small, semi-independent warrior bands who lived apart from society in the forests as mercenaries, bandits and hunters, but could be called upon by kings in times of war.

Membership was subject to rigorous tests. In one such test the applicant would stand in a waist-deep hole armed with a shield while nine warriors threw spears at him; if he was wounded, he failed. In another his hair would be braided, and he would be pursued through the forest; he would fail if he was caught, if a branch cracked under his feet, or if the braids in his hair were disturbed. He would have to be able to leap over a branch the height of his forehead, pass under one as low as his knee, and pull a thorn from his foot without slowing down. He also needed to be a skilled poet.

We have three mottoes:
* Glaine ár gcroí (Purity of our hearts)
* Neart ár ngéag (Strength of our limbs)
* Beart de réir ár mbriathar (Action to match our speech)

The tradition of the Fiana lives on in Clann Fian. If you believe you are equal to the task perhaps you can pursue the path of the Fian.

We are currently living and working in wspace while recruiting pilots - we have profitable work available for those interested in wspace - for all diplomatic or recruitment questions please contact McKupsyde, N Sohl, Cipreh, or Kathr

Our website:

Our killboard:

New Blog!

Well, I am new to this whole blogging thing, and more then a few people have told me I should make one.  

Where to start...

I am a three year veteran of Eve Online, and the CEO of a wormhole corporation.    I started playing, did the tutorials, and the Sisters of Eve epic arc, and promptly became terribly bored of running missions.   After some shopping around, I found a wormhole corp, who was willing to take me in and show me the ropes.   That corp was Clann Fian.

I joined them with under 2 million skillpoints, and got my start as a security guard for our mining crews and salvaging for our combat crews.  Almost three years, and forty something hurricanes later, I am now the proud CEO of Clann.  (That's an Eve success story if I have ever heard one.)  

It didn't happen overnight, it took a long time, and a lot of work.  This blog will talk about our adventures as a corp, and some of my solo escapades.   I wouldn't be where I am in the game today without the people in my corp, and I am grateful that they gave me the chances they did.