Monday, February 20, 2012

A Tale of Two Caps!

A regular Tuesday evening and getting ready to start the evenings chain collapsing for targets, normally it's fairly uneventful, but this time, we struck gold.

The first wormhole of the evening was cycled after I returned from dinner. Our scout jumped in with a covert ops to take a look at the d-scan.  Jackpot! There was a moros, orca and scorpion on dscan.

A quick sweep of the system, confirmed they weren't near a planet or control tower, combat probes were thrown out in the general direction of the spotted ships while the call for ships went through the alliance like wildfire and the fleet quickly jumped in numbers. 

The three ships disappeared of dscan, as the fleet continued to form up, but we thought they might be trying to collapse a wormhole, so the scout scanned down the c5's static. Upon arrival though, the wormhole seemed in perfect condition. Clearly, there was no way the ships we spotted had been trying to collapse it yet.

Dejected, the fleet started to stand down, thinking we lost the targets.  Two more scouts jumped in to continue scanning the chain, when moments later an archon and moros turned up on grid at the wormhole. The first scout assumed they would land at zero and collapse the way back home, so he immediately  started heading back to the hole.

Until the call came that they landed nearly 10km off the wormhole. The slaughter was on.

The fleet was ordered to jump in, despite not being at full strength yet. More calls were put out through teamspeak and our intel and alliance  chats, for logistics and dps. Luckily, we had enough Loki's to keep the moros and archon away from the wormhole. Several Guardians and four Bhaalgorns quickly followed the rest of the fleet through into the fight. The two scanners that jumped through, had to establish initial points on both the Archon and Moros, immediately reported them going into siege and triage. Perfect.

The Moros was immediately called primary, and the fleet was told to ignore the triage carrier.

Several HiC's had caught up with the fleet by this point, and with both capitals well within the bubble they knew weren't going anywhere. At this point the Archon and Moros pilot started begging to be let go for ransom.

2011.12.06 20:09:46 ] Sheldon Conquerer > stop a pay
2011.12.06 20:11:02 ] MaxVodka > ей (do it?)
2011.12.06 20:11:11 ] MaxVodka > я заплачу остановитесь (I shall begin to cry stop)
2011.12.06 20:11:53 ] Efraya >  <youtube narwhal song - cut out for weird forum>
2011.12.06 20:12:55 ] Guall > stop pls
2011.12.06 20:13:07 ] djswitch47 > lataz
2011.12.06 20:13:23 ] Sheldon Conquerer > i pay money
2011.12.06 20:13:32 ] Sheldon Conquerer > don not kiil
2011.12.06 20:14:12 ] djswitch47 > we are rich
2011.12.06 20:14:21 ] Sheldon Conquerer > pleas)
2011.12.06 20:14:39 ] Sheldon Conquerer > dont nuch car) very hard by

This was ignored and only answered by posting the narwhals video.

When suddenly!

 ...a Loki warped in?

The act of bravery was astounding, or possibly stupidity, the world may never know.

Some points and webs were switched to the Loki, and we promptly ignored it.

The fleet was focused on punching the Moros down, the four Bhaalgorns sucking its cap dry. The Bhaals gave a single neut cycle to the Loki and then put everything on the Archon while keeping a single neut each on the Moros to make sure he wouldn't recharge any cap.

The moros died and the loki was called primary next.

The Archon was sitting there in triage with just under 25% cap left, from the tender attention of the Bhaalgorns. As far as I could see, he wasn't even trying to rep the Loki, as it went down under our guns in a flash.

The Moros pilot had been given the pod express to empire, with the Loki pilot quickly following.

The entire fleet now gave its undivided attention to the Archon, with its cap entirely gone, it folded very quickly.

For everyones pleasure we kept the pod alive a little longer so everyone could whore onto that mail.

Several haulers were brought in to loot all the stuff, including some officer capacitor mods and a bunch of meta 2 cap mods. Then a Revelation was called on d-scan, but he turned out to be at a POS the initial scout had missed.

The fleet was ordered to leave the wormhole and when everyone and the loot was saved (and everything salvaged) the c5s was collapsed.

Overview of the fight:

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