Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Slaughter

Last Sunday was a busy day for Narwhals. From the time I logged in, we killed 5.5B and scooped 1.1B in loot. I'll be brief in my descriptions, so my apologies if names of scouts are left out.

When I log in, I hear reports of active pilots in a class 4 through the c5s. 

Talocan United has a few navy battleships manned at their tower. We were not sure if they are going to run anomalies but find out that they are about to close our connecting wormhole. FC called for the fleet to jump and kill the first BS through.  I join fleet just in time to catch the fleet warp. Fleet warps to a typhoon and quickly turn it to dust.

Good scouting and being aware got us this kill.

The very next WH starts out quiet. A c5 with static 6, no one around. 

We drop probes until locals start to log in. Quickly, our scouts recalled their probes. They warped to the tower just in time to see the locals log in three Rattlesnakes and a Golem. The fleet goes crazy when we get the report that they have warped to 175km above the POS to apparently RR their drones. Our scout gets a warp in on two of them and provides a couple of our recon t3's a chance to scramble the targets. Unfortunately we only manage to catch one Rattlesnake... 

Our fleet warps in and proceeds to kill this tanking beast. Probably the toughest sub-cap tank I have seen in EVE.

Time to cycle the static again, our next hole has miners.  Our scanners had their work cut out in this small system by not having a place to drop combat probes off directional scan. However our scanners are awesome and less than 30 seconds pass from the time of probes being deployed to them being raised. 

Fleet jumps and is warped to go "mining".

A few holes later, we find a solo Harbringer shooting an offline POS.

Then for the icing on the cake...

Our scouts find a wormhole with 4 Navy Scorpions. Suddenly, a Chimera appears at the POS.  After some discussion, it's decided that we are going to hold this wormhole and wait until they move...  

We wait about an hour, before the scout reports that their entire fleet is aligning.  Our scout reported them warping and finds them at a sleeper site that we had bookmarked earlier. It is nearly 2:00am and the fleet has lost a few members while we were waiting. 

The fleet is anxious to attack, but understand that because we only had 2 Guardians, the targets have to clear the escalation before we can attack. In the minutes before we struck, we went over tackle assignments and reminded logis and falcons to warp at range.

The carebears didn't have any structures or wrecks near them so a cloaked Falcon is sent to burn closer to provide a warp-in when the last two sleeper Guardian BS's are left.

It works. 

Our fleet lands 15km away and the HIC bubble goes up. This battle is long and difficult, the kind of fight we all love but rarely get. We only have a single Bhaalgorn, and he is doing the best to keep the Chimera capped dry.

 Logistics calls are flying back and forth in the broadcast window, and several members are taking heavy damage. For a good 5-10 minutes, we battle to get the Chimera capacitor empty, while rapidly swapping targets to get ahead of their remote rep. 

...But they are not breaking. 

The scorpions all have ECCM and the Chimera can not be jammed while he's in triage. So the Falcons are sent home, along with most of our scouts to reship for more DPS.  After they rejoin the battle, we spread our damage out evenly, putting two DPS ships on each target.
This works like a charm, and we create a weak link in their repair chain. The first Scorp quickly falls under our guns, followed shortly by the rest.

Now we are left with the lone Chimera.  However, since he is not remote repping, his cap is easily able to recharge beyond the single Bhaalgorn neuting ability, and keep his own tank alive. 

Given enough time, we were going to kill him, or he was going to self-destruct. 

Then, in local, he asks for ransom. 

The fleet decides to ask him to eject from carrier and he accepts. 

 We scoop the carrier, plus all their sleeper loot and head home.

Many thanks go out to all the Narwhals that made this happen! This was an awesome day of wormhole PVP.


  1. nice word for word copy/pasted from awing's AAR

    1. Yeah, I wasn't there for this one, I just edited it for grammar, punctuation and formatting.