Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cipreh for CSM8! *UPDATED*

I am announcing my candidacy for CSM 8. There are a lot of wormhole candidates running this year, and I hope to stand out above the crowd. I feel that it's necessary for our community to be represented by someone who has the varied experience I can bring to the table.

I am the CEO of a medium sized wormhole corporation called Clann Fian, and the was the lead diplomat for my former alliance, Transmission Lost. I have been living and playing in wormhole space for about four years, have spent time in all classes of wormholes. My corporation is based out of a Class 2, with a static high sec, and a static Class 4, and we accommodate a wide variety of play styles within the organization, everything from pure industrialists, to players who constantly hunt for PVP targets, even taking on the occasional mercenary contract. 

I have been lucky enough to have a wide variety of experiences in this game, I was the alliance leader of Narwhals ate my Duck mercenary alliance and learned a lot from that experience. I have done extensive diplomatic work with many organizations, most recently as the lead diplomat for our former alliance Transmission Lost.

I have lived and worked in every area of space throughout the game, from just about every class of wormholes, low sec, high sec, even out in null sec as a renter for a while with my corp. I’ve lived in Class 6 and Class 5 wormholes with Narwhals, as well as fought and explored through all of the other classes.

Within these boundaries, I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to experience everything from renting space in null sec, working as a mercenary in wormholes, high sec, and low sec, as well as leading a major alliance. I have limited experience with industry. However I am lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable industrial group within my corporation, and throughout my contacts in-game that I can ask for input and advice. Most recently I have created an alt to get into Factional Warfare a bit more, and I am currently flying with the Minmatar militia in the White Lotus alliance.

My Goals: 
My I plan on running to bring CCP's attention to the need for a new or improved conflict driver in w-space. As it stands right now, w-space is running the risk of stagnation due to the lack of risk to many organizations, we have reached a point for many organizations where there’s no counter to the strategic cruiser fleets other then a larger fleet, or capitals. I would like to see the blob discouraged in wormhole space, though I cannot honestly say how to do this. My former alliance is even guilty of this.

There have been many ideas passed around these forums for how our lives could be improved, ranging from adding another class of wormholes, changing the mechanics of certain classes, or even changing the "wandering" wormhole spawn methods. There are always going to be different views on what our community as a whole needs to expand and flourish, and many of them are good ideas. I feel that the dynamics of wormhole space are in need of iteration, or we will see it become a new null sec, ruled by massive organizations, and the blob.

We, as a community need to band together, and push these issues to the forefront, so that we no longer take a back seat to null sec politics, and the endless leveraging of numbers by massive alliances and power blocs. 

In addition, I feel that CCP cannot abandon the proposed POS redesign; it has the ability to fix so many problems in many different aspects of the game. Even if we do not receive the entire modular POS system that has been proposed so many times in the past, a rebalancing pass over the current POS modules and structures could easily alleviate a lot of our current issues with access and ease of use. This is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for new organizations in wormhole space, and I feel would be a huge boon to the common goal of broadening our community and getting new blood into wormholes.

As a bonus, if done well, it could potentially improve game play across all areas of EVE. I feel that if CCP went through and touched up the anchorable modules for towers, such as the intensive refining array, it could act as a boon to low sec and null sec industry, which is a goal that they have spoken of many times in the past. 

We need a CSM who willing to stand up, and fight the good fight, to push CCP and the CSM towards something that is better for everyone, in all aspects of the game. 

Whether you're a C6 PvPer, or a C1 industrialist, or anywhere in between, this is the time when we as a community can make our voices heard.

I have talked quite a bit on various podcasts and other outlets to expand on my ideas.

You can hear me on the Podside podcast episode #75 about more CSM stuff:

Special thanks to Bronya of Down the Pipe and the guys from Podside for having me on their show!

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Thanks to Xander Phoenix for having me on his podcast!

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