Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Lead Farmers attack!

I logged in last Monday, and got on TS. As soon as I joined the channel, an alliance PvE Carrier fleet announced hostiles in their wormhole.  They tried to disengage, but the sleepers kept some of the fleet pointed, so the call was made for them to stay on grid in the site.

Moments later, a Lead Farmers fleet landed in the site with them and began the attack.

We had about 6-7 Tengu in the site with the carrier, as well as a Maelstrom and Nightmare, but they were dealing with incoming sleeper damage from an escalated site as well, so time was of the essence.  The carrier was tanking them, but the had brought a Bhaalgorn onto the field so the carrier pilot knew his capacitor run time was very limited.

 The Lead Farmers fleet was comprised of a Bhaalgorn, two Loki, a Legion, a Proteus, an armor Tengu (lolwut?), an Absolution, two Deimos, and three Guardians. A response fleet was formed up on the wormhole, comprised of whatever shield ships we had laying around, including several PvE fit Tengu, BC, HAC, Recons and a lone armor Bhaalgorn.

We had no logistics, but were hoping the Chimera would be able to keep us up against their fleet. We were given the order to jump in and warp to the carrier, and landed on the grid. Our falcon and a curse warped with the fleet and were destroyed almost immediately.

The Chimera was already in triage, and the Tengu were working on reducing the incoming sleeper dps. The FC begins calling primaries, but the opposing guardians were on top of their reps.  The hostile fleet targeted our Bhaalgorn as soon as it landed on grid, and though the carrier pilot tried to save him, he exploded.

Lesson of the day: Don't bring armor tanked ships to a shield fleet.

Our FC started rotating the primary around, to try to get their guardians to slip up, but they were doing a great job keeping the hostile fleet in the fight.  The FC saw the Bhaalgorn was taking damage from the sleepers in the site,so the order was given to overheat our weapons to beat their reps, and he quickly melted under the combined fire.

We continued to trade fire, moving our primary around, to keep the pressure up on their guardians, manage to burn down their Absolution before the Guardians could get reps on him.

The Carrier was about to come out of triage, all but the last of the sleepers were dead, so the rest of the Tengu fleet could focus on the fight.  Our Bhaalgorn pilot reshipped to a Phantasm, and rejoined the fray, only to explode once again.

He was just not having a good day.

We are slugging it out with them, when our carrier pilot calls out that he is exiting triage.  The FC calls for us to spread our points around as the hostile fleet tried to disengage.  We managed to catch a Deimos, and their Loki.

They fled the field, we looted all the wrecks and some "GF"s were exchanged in local, and moved the PvE fleet to safety, collapsing the wormhole behind us.

Eve-Kill BR:

Sorry for the delay!

As I am sure some of you noticed, I have been slacking on my blog lately. This is due mostly to my taking over leadership of our alliance Narwhals ate my Duck.

 The other CEO's and I have been very busy getting the alliance running smoothly.

 It has taken up a lot of my time. We have had quite a few things going on recently, so expect several blog posts in the next few days. I have a lot to talk about.